Truth In Advertising

Please buy me.

I saw a great Toyota commercial on TV a week ago. The gist was: “At Toyota, we have six different SUVs, one that will fit every family or personal lifestyle. Come in a try one on for size – we’re sure you’ll find one that you like.”

I started laughing and thought about the real message and what Toyota really wanted to say: “Look, just two years ago all you gluttonous Americans wanted was a giant gas-guzzling SUV. Even as gas prices were climbing to $3 per gallon, you still wanted them. But, now that we’re pushing $4 a gallon, suddenly you’re having second thoughts? What’s the matter with you people. You don’t care one bit about this stuff do you? Are you really going to let a little thing like money get in the way of your true desires? You’re mortgaged up to your eyeballs, have crippling credit card debt, and probably had to finance most of your last SUV, surely you want to buy another one. Think about driving over monster rocks in your $40,000 Land Cruiser or driving through seven foot high piles of snow in your RAV-4. Just look at this cool video of our SUVs sliding sideways on the sand-covered road we built for this commercial. Or picture yourself drinking beer with your buddies and this group of great looking bathing-suit beauties and hunks in the beach parking lot or maybe right on the beach! Please don’t let Toyota go bankrupt just because you’re fickle. Buy a new Toyota SUV now!”