Truth In Advertising – Part 2 – Toyota


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Toyota – Ad Script Meeting

Talent: At Toyota, we care about your safety.

Background Person #1: Guffaw.

Talent: That’s why we’re spending over $1 million every hour to improve your safety.

Background Person #1: Chortle.

Background Person #2: Actually we’re spending that money on the marketing and advertisements that talk about our spending money on safety.  It’s a circular reference.

Talent: I can’t read this anymore (snicker) it’s (hahaha) too freakin’ funny.  Okay, okay, I’m not going to laugh any more.  Whew!  Now seriously.

Talent: At Toyota, we care deeply about our profits.  So much so, that we’ll stall as long as possible before issuing a recall to maximize our image and profits.  That not only goes for our basic Toyota line, but also our premium Lexus vehicles.  At Toyota we do everything we can – whaa, I can’t do this anymore.

Director: Ow, my stomach hurts from laughing.  Okay everybody.  Take five.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em.  Oh, that reminds me, we’ll be shooting the next “Why our new Marlboro cigarettes are healthy for you” ad tomorrow.