Plugging away

Yes, here’s another shameless plug for my new site,  I created a simple sample page to illustrate how useful it can be to communicate and/or track what you’re working on or need to work on.

Coding Work

Example of how to track your coding work.


You can see from the sample that you can include checklists, notes, draw, and even add pictures (not shown in this example).  You can create static web pages with it for one-way communication, or give other users permission to view or edit the page directly.  I’ve tried other to do list sites on the web, but haven’t found any with the flexibility that I’ve built into CheckItBoard.  The real-time collaboration and public, searchable boards make the site even more powerful.

For to do lists, checklists, notes, drawings, communication, and collaboration, it’s a one-stop shopping site.  And it’s free (really)!  Not some limited subset of the features or a limited number of pages you can create.  Just plain free.  Give it a try and feel free to give some feedback, too.