Hunger in America

Some of you may know that September is hunger action month. I have (for some crazy reason) decided to take the SNAP Challenge. SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (i.e. the new name for food stamps). The idea is to eat for a week on the amount of money that someone on food stamps would – in New York state, this is $33.30. I usually spend more than that when I take my wife out for dinner, so this amount for a week of food is a bit daunting.

Many people are doing this to raise awareness of hunger in America. I’m not as big on raising awareness as doing something about it. So, I’m doing this as a fundraiser for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier (or FBST). They serve my area with mobile food bank trucks, food backpacks for kids, food banks and soup kitchens, and much more.

I also plan to put my money where my mouth is (since there won’t be much food going there) by matching your donations up to $2000. Here’s what you can do to help: make a donation to the FBST here: . If you write a check, put a note on your check that it’s in honor of Bill Myers’ SNAP Challenge.  If you make a donation online, at the bottom of the page, you can also make it in honor of my challenge. Since I’d like to know how the fundraising is going, I’d appreciate it if you’d also drop me an email letting me that you donated to wlmyers (at), and if you want, you can also tell me how much. I’m hoping to get a full tally from the FBST, so I can match the amount. I’ve been in contact with the director of the FBST and it’s my hope to make this so monetarily compelling that the FBST has the incentive to turn this into yearly participatory fundraiser.

I’ll be updating my progress periodically on facebook and here at I’ll be starting this on Monday, September 30th and going until Sunday, October 6th. I hope you’ll support me in my efforts and make a donation, regardless of size as every bit helps.