Walking in Memphis

I just returned from a trip to Memphis to visit friends. We spent the first few days downtown at an excellent hotel, the Talbot Heirs Guesthouse. Downtown Memphis is very walkable and if you don’t feel like walking you can just take the Main Street Trolley. The people were friendly and accomodating just about everywhere we went.

The interesting thing about the town is that it has been up and down. At one time, downtown was vibrant, but underwent a decline beginning in the 1970s. There are numerous empty store fronts, deserted blocks, and panhandlers roaming the streets. But, there are many historic and beautiful buildings. There are rental properties advertising condominiums. And there are some fantastic restaurants. The famous Beale Street, home of the blues, is right downtown, along with the Gibson guitar factory, an NBA stadium, and a minor league baseball stadium.

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