OK, send me an email instead.First of all, let me just say that the purpose of this site is to be helpful to you. The goal is to provide a place for career-related resources, i.e. the stuff that software people don’t often think about. It has been my experience that most software people aren’t gung-ho, “I’m bucking for a big promotion” kind of people. Most simply want a certain level of autonomy, don’t want to become manangers, and want to work on interesting stuff that lets them use their full abilities, like their creativity. However, within the software development community, there are many possibilities, from different kinds of companies, technologies, and problem domains, to different roles in software development. Simply being in a good position for a raise, bonus, stock option grant, or just holding on to your job are good enough reasons to think about your career occasionally.

If you’d like to contact me, send me a note at bill [at] wandercoding [dot] com. I can always use ideas for blog topics, pointers to interesting links, comments, and anything else you might want to send me.

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