Fresh, too.

Since this site is supposed to be about resources, it had better include some good resources, eh? So, I’m including some good jumping off places for you. I’ve got them categorized into numerous aspects of your career. If you have any suggestions, as always, let me know: bill [at] wandercoding [dot] com.

General Links

Joel On Software – A great site with lots of interesting blog entries.

Coding Horror – Another good site by Jeff Atwood.

ComputerZen – Scott Hanselman’s blog. Some are technology specific, others more personal, and still others are of general interest to everyone.

Resume Help

Resume and Cover Letter Help – If Dick Bolles says they’re good sites, then they are.

General Career Advice

Andrea Kay -Lots of general career advice.

Randy Nichols’ Career Tips – Randy’s blog about lots of different careers.

Job Hunting

Job Hunters Bible -Website maintained by Dick Bolles, the author of What Color Is Your Parachute?

Indeed -In addition to the other sites, like monster, careerbuilder, dice, etc., this site finds locally posted stuff that may not be advertised elsewhere. A great place to start if you’re looking in a certain location.


Real Time Rendering – Hosted by my friend, Eric Haines, there’s lots of good graphics-oriented links and other useful stuff.

Code Project – Need some code for a particular job? This is a good place to start.

Source Forge – Open Source code repository. See if it has already been written for you. Be sure to check the usage license.


XKCD – Sometimes interesting, sometimes bizarre. Be sure to read the tooltip after you read the comic.

User Friendly – Hit or miss, but some are very funny.

Dilbert – The classic workplace and software development comic strip.

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